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The Internet's # 1 Virtual Assistant Guide
Posted by admin | 07 July 2016

We can all agree that now due to the boom of the internet, mobile devices such as ipads, smartphones, laptops, kindles, among other formats of technology, the world is becoming a far smaller place than it has been in the past. Amazingly, due to this boom of technology, the ways that this world has become...

Posted by admin | 18 July 2016

The Virtual Assistant industry is on the rise as more businesses use this method to outsource some of their tasks. The internet has enabled Administrative Assistants to leave the corporate world and set up their own office, providing support to entrepreneurs and businesses. One example of a company like this is We’ve worked with...

Posted by admin | 19 July 2016

Many of us spend half of our lives at our jobs. We work forty hours or more at the office. Go home at the end of a long day, make dinner, put the kids to bed, and then relax for a while before going to bed. Then get up and do the same thing the...

Posted by admin | 09 August 2016

Our hands are amazing. We don’t think about it much and simply take this for granted. Eighty percent of what we do in a day involves our hands. From the typing I am doing right now to scratching an itch on our nose, the hands are indispensable. They are also an incredible feat of anatomical...

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Posted by admin | 12 August 2016

Transparency International has published this year’s list of some of the world’s most corrupt countries. It’s the only list of its kind and scores on a scale of 0 to 100, based on survey scores from experts and business people and their confidence in the public. Burundi’s lack of economic freedom has the economy sitting...

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