What can a Virtual Assistant do to make my day run smoother?

Posted by admin | July 18, 2016

The Virtual Assistant industry is on the rise as more businesses use this method to outsource some of their tasks. The internet has enabled Administrative Assistants to leave the corporate world and set up their own office, providing support to entrepreneurs and businesses. One example of a company like this is www.247virtualassistants.com. We’ve worked with them on a continuous basis and it’s been great.

If you have concluded that you can no longer keep up to the growing demands of your business and you need someone to assist with your daily duties, you may find the following list helpful.

To determine whether a Virtual Assistant (VA) is the best option for your circumstances, begin by reviewing these ideas and then building your own plan, consider what you would like to start delegating. Then, as you establish an ongoing relationship with a VA, you can customize what works best for you. One thing you can count on is that your VA will always be flexible to change and grow with you as they come to learn your business and your unique needs.

So Exactly what can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

  1. A VA can organize, write and send newsletters giving you back time with your clients
  2. A VA can manage your database ensuring information stays up to date and accessible when reaching out to customers/ clients or sending out marketing information.
  3. VA’s will use organizational skills to ensure communication flows. As a funnel for your contacts, a VA can act as liaison between management and staff
  4. A VA will perform regular updates and upload edits to your website in a timely manner freeing up your time for other priorities.
  5. Let a VA handle your Bookkeeping needs. By delegating this task, you can be assured all your accounting will be managed in a timely manner.
  6. Rather than bogging down busy in-house staff on a project, hire a specialized virtual assistant in the field of research who can provide you with the content you want to see
  7. Have a VA manage your emails and calendar, they will schedule appointments and make travel arrangements when needed. You will have your own personal Secretary. Don’t miss another appointment or double-book a meeting just let your virtual assistant take care of the details.
  8. Your virtual assistant will be familiar with all aspects of your business, a VA can easily create effective PowerPoint or web-based presentations for your company.
  9. A virtual assistant can assist you with creating reports, articles and press releases.
  10. Partnering your virtual assistant with a VA in another country half-way around the world will allow you to have your work continue while you sleep. Everything will be ready and waiting for you or your Personal Assistant as you arrive in your office the next day.

va02Of course many of these tasks will require training your new assistant just as an in house staff member, especially task that involve the use of any online tools you have chosen. These are just some examples of the type of tasks a virtual assistant joining your staff can accomplish for you.


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