It’s Summer! Take a Summer break – get the family out of the house

Posted by admin | July 19, 2016

Many of us spend half of our lives at our jobs. We work forty hours or more at the office. Go home at the end of a long day, make dinner, put the kids to bed, and then relax for a while before going to bed. Then get up and do the same thing the next day. In reality you really only spend a few minutes a day with your children. Let’s face it American families today unfortunately do not have a lot of time to spend together.  Too often this separation leads to family strife and also adds to the stress of everyday living. So what can you do to make things better?

Here at, A very simple way to combat stress and bring the family back together is to get out and have some fun.

Instead of spending weekends in the house with your children consumed with video games and computer all day. Get out and do something different, go on an adventure! No matter what time of year it is if your gas tank is full you can usually find a day trip to somewhere!

vasHead for the Zoo! This is always a fun activity for people of all ages. You can see animals that you do not get to often see such as giraffes, bears, and lions.  When you see your child’s face light up at the sight of a monkey being silly, that will bring you joy which can alleviate stress. If your children are toddler aged you can take them to a petting zoo. This is extra enjoyable for them since they can touch and interact with the animals.

If being around animals aren’t your cup of tea. Many cities have big parks or state parks. You can make a few sandwiches and have a picnic then take a nice hike. Along with walking trails many parks have nature hikes that you and your children can take to find some of the neat things in nature. Watch for Art in the Park, Theater in the park is great for all ages.

If you’re not into that much nature another fun activity that most people do not do often is playing mini golf. It doesn’t matter if you keep score or even if someone isn’t that good at golf. Mini golf is meant to be shared and laughed at. So take your time help the kids and enjoy being together.

If you have a little bigger budget amusement parks are a wonderful place to take the whole family. There is usually some kind of activity that will appeal to even the youngest person. From riding the rides to walking through the pavilion there is something around every corner to explore.  But don’t forget to indulge in some of the treats that an amusement park has to offer. Remember it’s a fun day and nothing should be off limits. You can always get back to the healthy stuff the next day.

Now not everyone has access to this next place but if you do, you are lucky. Do you live near a farm? Is it too cold for going to the farm or zoo? Go to an aquarium.

It really doesn’t matter what you decide to do for your family outing. Just getting out of the house and leaving technology behind is a great way to relieve stress and reconnect with the family. Remember that these outings are meant to have fun and bring the family together. Leave most of your technology at home. Cell phones are good, but try turning them off unless you want a couple of pictures. Just don’t take so many photos that you are not present. These are special times and you and your family will remember them for years with or without all the pictures!


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