The Top 5 Ways The World is Becoming a Smaller Place

Posted by admin | July 7, 2016

We can all agree that now due to the boom of the internet, mobile devices such as ipads, smartphones, laptops, kindles, among other formats of technology, the world is becoming a far smaller place than it has been in the past.
Amazingly, due to this boom of technology, the ways that this world has become closer is astounding.
You may be surprised to know that at the top of our list is the “Virtual Assistant,” one of the all powerful reasons of this truly surreal epidemic.

a. There are an enormous amount of sites and ways to get work done nowadays, but one of the biggest causes of the world becoming a smaller place lies with the “Virtual Assistant.” You can go to Google these days and type in “Freelancers,” which is essentially a virtual assistant, and you’ll end up with a number of freelance websites, if not individual freelancers in and of themselves.
A few examples include sites such as “Upwork” and “” If you’re looking for a service with more versatility in Virtual Assistant plans, try going to
b. Due to the turn of the century with technology, we are faced with the shrinking of the world as everything, and everyone, is getting closer together. Work that needs to be done is at the click of the button.

You can chat with someone in Africa by opening that little box in front of you. Want to have a conversation with someone in England? You can do that as well! Due to the rise of Social Media, we are faced with everyone all in one place. If you think about it, Facebook is just a whole ‘nother world waiting to happen. It already captures about 1 / 3 of the world, and if that is the case, we are no longer separated like we used to be from everyone else.
a. Also, when you met someone back in the day, you would never have been able to keep in contact with them like you can now due to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Pull that cell phone out of your pocket. Sure, cell phones existed back in the day… but not nearly advanced as they are now. In fact, not only are video games accessible in the palm of your hand, but you can also get work through your phone apps like with Uber or with Lyft. Taxis may no longer be needed in the near future, which is also another proven reason why the world has becoming closer together. When you open the Uber App, you are in a virtual network surrounded by people that need a service or a ride. It’s almost as if… everyone is only one click away.

It’s funny when you can send someone a message in the matter of a few seconds. No longer do you have to wait a few weeks to receive someone’s mail. You can get it immediately. Not only that, but you can now chat or talk to people that matter to you face to face on your computer, EVEN IF they live a few thousand miles away.

As it was mentioned in the Social Media segment, it seems as though you can connect with people in the matter of a few seconds. But since the rise of the internet, and then the social media channels, it now seems like everyone is creating their own social network community. A site even exists that is dedicated to creating social networks.
So all in all, the advancements that have been made at the turn of the century have certainly made the world a smaller place, bringing everyone closer together, and as a result, taking the world from the outside, far away and distant world, to a compact computer screen where everyone hangs out these days.

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